Five Star Theatre
About Us

About Us

Five Star Theatre is an award-winning production company that has been producing pantomimes, children’s tours, musicals and various one-nighter concerts for 16 years.

Having grown from what was founded by Ethan J Smith in 2008 as a youth theatre company – fused with an adult community theatre – the team has developed an intrinsically resourceful, multi-skilled and collaborative approach to creating theatre. Because of its humble, homegrown roots, Five Star Theatre is led by a production team with “many fingers” in “many pies”, who have all worked in virtually every capacity of theatre production and performance, rendering them in many ways a producing powerhouse when their skills, creativity and energy are combined.

In a similar vein, because of how the company began producing theatre, performance is key: the commercial aspect is what has developed over the last five years, but the quality, originality and  memorability of the performance are always of paramount importance to a Five Star show.

Coming from an events background before theatre production, the Five Star team takes an enormous amount of pride in customer service and experience, working with partner venues to create a theatrical experience whereby audiences have an amazing visit from the moment they step through the venue doors.

All costumes are designed and created in-house and another arm to the business is the hire of costumes to other productions and companies. The company strives to continually innovate whilst providing outstanding opportunities for performers, creatives and theatregoers alike. 

Our Values

  • Family & familiarity
  • Collaboration & creativity
  • Passion & professionalism
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Assuring accessibility